Social Media’s Impact on Climate Change

Climate change is becoming a well-known term in today’s world. From the New York Times Climate and Environment section to the United Nation’s Climate Summit, one can tell that this is a major issue.

People are taking to social media to combat social issues, such as climate change. In fact, there are climate change posts that are trending right now on social media.

There are many planet and climate change related Instagram pages starting trends around these issues on Instagram. For example, TenTree had a post that read “Double Tap to Plant a Tree” and promised tree planting for likes.

TenTree on Instagram

Many people saw this Instagram post and decided to share it on their stories for more people to see and like the post. It was a trending post for a while and ended up being a way for many people to start a conversation with their followers about climate change.

Bill Nye (The Science Guy), known for his science-related shows you probably used to watch in elementary and middle school, has even taken to the viral social media trends to get people to do something about climate change. He released this video shown below recently, which has taken off on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Warning: video contains expletives.

Video via TimberHines123 on YouTube

This video has blown up on social media. Although it started out as a way to help John Oliver, who first outlined the cases for the New Green Deal, many people are sharing this video and trying to start a conversation about climate change with it.

Tweet via Mike Hudema

Many people do not think that climate change is going to be an issue in their lifetime and believe it will be an issue in 50-60 years. Bill is here to tell people that it is happening NOW and people need to take a stance and actually do something about it. Bill Nye was hoping to connect to his old audience and to start a conversation through social media.

Many news outlets took Bill Nye’s video as a way to share about climate change as well. Read this CNN article about it.

These examples show just how important social media can be to major social issues. Social media can be used to do good and spread the word about things happening in our world, good or bad.

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