Up Close with YouTuber Kiara Madisen

Kiara Madisen, who is very active on YouTube and Instagram, answered some of the questions I had for her about her YouTube career. She told me about how she started her YouTube channel in high school to better learn how to use her equipment so she could be an ASB videographer her senior year. One of her goals, as she started her YouTube channel, was to be a role model, like other YouTubers had been for her.

Read on to find out more about Kiara and her YouTube career.

Photos via Kiara Madisen on Instagram

How do you go about building and maintaining your personal brand on social media?

When it comes to branding my channel I really only value one thing: authenticity. I strive to portray a realistic life that shows what I’m passionate about and how to live positively. The hardest thing I have discovered through this journey is balancing maintaining my brand without confining myself. Because my brand is essentially my life, I never want to limit my ideas just for the sake of remaining consistent. I am a very organized, silly, and motivated person and as long as my content aligns with who I truly am, then it’s perfectly “on brand”.

Kiara Madisen

What is one of the biggest or most memorable moments in your YouTube or social media career?

Oddly enough my most memorable moment was when I hit 50,000 subscribers and rebranded my entire channel to “Kiara Madisen”. It not only felt amazing to finally have a platform that honestly reflected myself and where I wanted to take my content, but it was the first time my parents acknowledged that YouTube was more than just a phase. I felt like I had something of my own to be proud of, and that’s when I was more motivated than ever to push myself to keep creating.

Kiara Madisen
Video via Kiara Madisen on YouTube

How do you connect with your subscribers? How do you get your name out there so others can subscribe to your channel or follow you on social media?

Let me tell you it is extremely difficult to jumpstart a channel. It takes patience, resilience, and a lot of commenting! I used to set daily goals to comment on every video I watched with a genuine supportive message. With enough consistency, I had people clicking on my socials and a handful of YouTube friends that supported me too. I have always valued authentic interactions and made it a goal since I hit my first thousand subscribers to reply to every comment on my channel. I’m not perfect, but it gives me so much joy to hear other stories, give advice, and thank them for their support. Celebrating each other’s successes is so meaningful because it would be near impossible to stay inspired without a genuine support system.

Kiara Madisen

Any other advice or tips you have for someone wanting to start a YouTube channel?

I’m always so excited to hear that people want to invest in what I think is the most life changing experience out there! Starting a YouTube channel is hard, and that’s what makes it so crazy rewarding. I hope people appreciate every part of the journey, learn to lead by example, stay true to who they are, and share their voice with the world. It may seem impossible, but just by diving in you may surprise yourself into experiencing the world in an unimaginable way.

Kiara Madisen
Video via Kiara Madisen on YouTube

As you can see, Kiara is very passionate about what she does! Check out her YouTube channel here or her Instagram page here to find out more about her!

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