Dote Shopping Turns to Influencers

Dote Shopping is an app used to help consumers find their favorite products, their most purchased brands, and the best sales. The app launched in 2014, with the intent to target Generation Z kids.

Several social media influencers have been promoting the app, and have even gone on trips paid for by the app in order to promote it. In fact, these influencers have been given the name “dote girls” by the app supporters. Many people recognize them and attach their name with the app itself.

These dote girls have gone on paid promotional trips to places like Coachella, Disneyland, Maui and Fiji.

Screenshots via Dote Shopping Instagram

Most of these dote girls are very famous on Instagram and YouTube as well. The company makes a brand deal with these girls. They pay for them to go on a very expensive trip (if they meet certain follower goals on the app) in exchange for the girls posting videos about their trip and about Dote on YouTube and tagging Dote on their Instagram photos.

Although this may end up costing the company a lot for flights, hotels, concert tickets, food and other expenses, the company earns that money back through these widespread promotions.

The girls post things like this on YouTube:

Video from Ava Jules on YouTube

They also post things like this on their own personal Instagram accounts:

Photos via Ellie Thumann, Hannah Meloche and Nia Sioux on Instagram

The company has gained a lot of traction from implementing influencers into their company. In fact, the company’s interest over time has been rising.

Photo via Google Trends

As you can see above, the company’s interest spiked on Google during the dote girls influencer trip to Fiji in August of 2018. The largest spike, seen during April 2019, was also around the time the dote girls influencer trip to Coachella.

The company has definitely learned how to market to their audience using influencer marketing and promotions.

Dote recently introduced a new part of their app in which influencers can do a live-stream shopping party with their fans, who can help them shop and pick out outfits.

Over time, recommendations from social media influencers have become a big part of the app. With Shopping Party, they’re taking center stage — the feature allows them to share live video while browsing different products on Dote and chatting with fans.

Anthony Ha, Tech Crunch

Dote Shopping as a company has learned how crucial influencers can be to a company. Consumers become attached to their favorite influencers, and when they promote an app, company or product, consumers will listen to their suggestions and often go to check it out.

To learn more about Dote Shopping and the dote girls influencer trip to Coachella, check out this article or this YouTube video.

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