#FeelingCute Challenge Turns Ugly

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash´╗┐

Social media challenges are becoming a viral sensation. The ‘planking challenge’ arose back in 2010, and was one of the very first social media challenges to start the new social media trend. Recently, there have been many very dangerous and concerning challenges popping up all over social media.

The ‘Momo challenge’ emerged in February. It was a viral “challenge” that popped up in the middle of kids YouTube videos. It showed Momo, a demonic face, who told children if they did not cause self-harm (or harm their families) Momo would come after them and hurt them.

Parents were unaware of this so-called ‘Momo’ because the image would appear half-way through the videos. These children’s parents would leave the child, thinking they were watching a safe video, when the ‘Momo challenge’ would then show up on the screen.

Social media challenges have begun to take a turn for the worst.

New challenges arise everyday. The #FeelingCute challenge hit social media back in 2017. It started off as an innocent challenge, where social media users would post a photo, using the caption “Feeling cute, might delete later.”

“felt cute, might delete later idk” says @KalypsoPuppy on Twitter.

However, this challenge recently took a turn in a very negative direction.

Uniformed corrections officers have been seen posting this challenge on social media platforms. However, instead of the original “feeling cute, might delete later,” they have been altering the captions.

Texas corrections officers are being investigated for making crude remarks, using #FeelingCute.

What were intended as spinoffs of the viral #FeelingCuteChallenge have since sparked outrage this week as many argued the posts made light of serious issues surrounding the treatment of inmates. According to local media reports, at least two state corrections departments have launched investigations into employees accused of taking part in the challenge.

The Washington Post

According the Houston Chronicle, one Tweet with a photo of a uniformed corrections officer read, “Feeling cute, might just gas some inmates today, IDK.”

Other Tweets were similarly malicious, with words like, “Feeling cute, might shoot your baby daddy today… IDK,” and “Feeling cute, might take your homeboy to the hole later,” says The Washington Post.

This goes to show that originally harmless Twitter memes can turn malicious in the course of a few days. These cases are not what the meme began as; however, this sort of instance happens a lot on social media today. Good or bad, social media has the power to change the public image of a variety of things.

Check out The Washington Post for more information about this incident.

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