Amber Fillerup and Brand Development

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Social media is a new and great place for brand development. Many people use it to advertise for their brand, illustrate who they are as a company or organization, and maximize the number of people who are familiar with their brand.

There are many reasons why using social media can be a positive impact for brand development. Entrepreneur suggests that the four essential elements to building your brand online are:

  1. Choosing networks that support your brand image
  2. Providing valuable and shareable content
  3. Leveraging influencers
  4. Using social campaigns to promote content

In fact, recent research from Econsultancy shows that 71 percent of brands plan to invest more heavily in social media in the coming year to reach new followers and build brand reputation. 


Amber Fillerup is a lifestyle and fashion blogger based in Arizona. She has 1.4 million followers on Instagram and owns her own business, Barefoot Blonde Hair.

Photo via Amber Fillerup on Instagram.

Amber not only shares lifestyle and hair tips and tricks, but she often talks about how she built her brand on social media.

She started out solely as a blogger. Her blog, Barefoot Blonde, includes posts about motherhood, fashion, hair, beauty, and travel.

She often talks about how she started off as a poor college student in hair school. At the beginning of her career, it is said that she just blogged in order to share photos and memories with her family.

However, her business took off. She launched Barefoot Blonde Hair, a company that produces hair extensions, in 2016 with her husband.

The company expanded, with a reach of over 115,000 followers on Instagram. She has escalated her business using various social media tactics.

She often posts Instagram stories, YouTube videos, and blogs about Barefoot Blonde Hair, including tutorials on how to wear them. Many people can easily associate her blog and her brand, because of the ubiquitous name she used.

Screenshot via

She, and her brand, has been mentioned in magazines, YouTube videos, and even on podcasts. Two other social media influencers, Chelsey Jade Curtis and Jaci Marie Smith, posted a WhatWeSaid podcast in which they talked with Amber Fillerup about her personal experience with brand development.

On this podcast, Amber talks about how she used to be very shy and how she used her hair to express herself creatively. Photos of her hair would often go viral on Pinterest in the beginning of her career.

Amber is aware of what it takes to build and run a brand. She follows the Entrepreneur guidelines above. She provides very shareable content that often gets reposted on several different social media accounts.

I wouldn’t have expected it would be how it is.

Amber Fillerup
Screenshot via

There are obviously going to be challenges with brand development, especially on social media. However, Amber reminds us that it is important to follow your passions and to be yourself when developing your personal brand.

To learn more about Amber Fillerup and how she developed her brand, check out the WhatWeSaid podcast, featuring Amber.

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